comptable en tunisie

comptabe en tunisieC.B.I.C.  is an accounting and auditorship firm. It was founded by Mr Chedly BEN IBRAHIM accountant, auditor, consultant and member of the Company of Accountants of Tunisia.

Coupled with that of our partners, our firm experience allows us to offer our customers a wide range of services including:

- Auditing 

- The bookkeeping and accounting support

-Legal and tax advice

- Financial and management advice

- Creating companies and projects

- Study projects

- Accounting consolidation

- The accounting, financial and organizational diagnosis

- Remediation, coaching and restructuring firms in difficulty

- Evaluation of firms

- Development and implementation of accounting manuals and/or procedures

- Training

Our employees are all confirmed in auditorship fimrs , trained in the accounting system and accounting firm business and international accounting standards, and arecontrolled by Mr Chedly BEN IBRAHIM, who oversees daily work as well as the compliance of these standards of quality required by the Company of Accountants of Tunisia.

Our pricing, our privacy commitments, and our quality of service, are clearly defined in the contract specific to each of our clients provide.


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